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Glass Artist - Dan McStocker

Dan McStocker glass artist

Inspired At The Age Of Ten

I first encountered glassblowing at a Renaissance Festival when I was 10 years old. I was mesmerized by the molten glass and what could be done with it. I spent hours watching the glass artist working his magic making bowls from molten globs of glass.

In 2004 the opportunity to take a glassblowing class at a local college presented itself to me and I jumped on board. I was immediately hooked and have been working my own magic with glass ever since. 

My artistic inspiration is inspired by the natural world. I utilize Native American iconography, plant life, animals, the sky and earth in bringing my glass art to life.

I have studied with many of the most renowned glass artists in the industry including Martin Janecky, Karen Willenbrink, Jasen Johnsen, Raven Skyriver and Pino Signoretto, who is widely respected as perhaps the greatest glass maestro of modern times. Each opportunity of study has allowed me to expand my skills and artistic styling.

My work has been featured in various gallery exhibits and can be purchased, for you to display in your home.


The Liquid Glass Company

I founded the Liquid Glass Company in 2008, a private glass art studio located in San Diego county California. We specialize in traditional art glass, blown and solid sculpting, as well as functional tap handles. Our tap handles can be seen in various restaurants and bars across the United States.

Today our focus is on glass art that can be displayed in your home, office, restaurant, bar or anyplace you want to enjoy and share your appreciation of quality works of glass art. You may choose from a selection of existing glass art or engage our artistic services to create custom works of glass specifically for you.

We host special events in our studio to showcase our work and demonstrate how glass art is created.





I began my formal glass training at Palomar College in 2004. I focused primarily on working with soft glass and developed techniques such as torch working,  fusing and mixed media glass projects.


In 2007 I attended a workshop with Martin Janecky at the Viccolo Glass Studios in Van Nuys, California. This workshop was pivotal to my development as an artist as I began to master new techniques such as solid sculpting, blown inside sculpting, figurative sculptural work and garage work.


In 2013 I attended a 3 week intensive glass sculpting workshop at Pilchuck Glass School studying under Pino Signoretto, who is widely known as the greatest glass maestro of modern times.

In 2014 I attended a 3 week blown and solid sculpting workshop with Raven Skyriver at the Pilchuck glass school.

In 2016 I attended a workshop focusing on Composizione Completo-Glassblowing, Sculpting and Cutting. The instructors were Davide Salvidore, Shelley Muzylowski Allen, Pietro Ferro and Riccardo Ferro

The formal college training and workshops from the top artists in the field have added to my artistic art process, techniques and craft.


To learn more about Dan McStocker and his glass art call 760-484-1008.


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