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We will be posting news about Dan's work and special events related to the Liquid Glass Company on this page. To keep up with Dan's work and learn about upcoming open houses and art displays we suggest that you subscribe to this blog.

Visit The Liquid Glass Company At The Historic Colony Olivenhain Crafts Fair

Authentic Merchandise Made By The Vendor

A perfect fit for The Liquid Glass Company! All items must be sold and made by the vendor, no resale or manufacturer goods are allowed. Items may be embellished, improved, re-purposed or home grown.

An Historic Experience.

My glass art fits the bill perfectly for this fair. Not only are my pieces of glass art created and sold by yours truly, Dan McStocker, the art of hand blown and sculpted glass is historic in itself.

The fair celebrates a colony established by European immigrants, mostly German, looking for a place to develop farm land and grow a homogeneous colony. Member's bought into the colony with the promise that each would receive parcels of land and a home while sharing common assets such as horse teams and plows with other members.

Their dream was shattered when they discovered the land lacked enough water to grow crops and they had been duped by a founding member that had taken advantage of them to receive a large commission for the sale of the land from the previous owners. The colony slowly declined as farm by farm was abandoned and ended in 1897. History was not done for Olivenhain as a new community evolved in place of the original colony.

Stop by the Colony Olivenhain Crafts Fair, experience some history, shop the many vendors and say hello to me at the Liquid Glass Company booth. A selection of my glass art will be displayed and offered for sale.

  • Saturday, November 12th, 2016.
  • 9am to 3pm
  • The Old Meeting Hall

Visit the Colony Olivenhain website to learn more.

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Auction Gala and Celebration of Glass

Cow Skull | Glass art created by Dan McStocker | Liquid Glass Company


The Pilchuck Glass School helps novice, inspiring and professional artists, such as myself, explore the creative use of glass in art and design. Each summer Pilchuck offers three dozen, one to three week courses designed to help participants expand their skills working with established artists and instructors. This past summer I had the wonderful opportunity to work with world renowned glass artists from Italy, an experience I will never forget.

My participation with Pillchuck courses and workshops have helped me explore my art fueling incredible growth in my artistic design and insight. I am proud to participate in The Pilchuck Glass School Auction Gala and Celebration Of Glass event. The connection they form between artists, supporters and accomplished glassmakers is priceless.

My artwork included in this auction is titled, "Cow Skull" It is blown, cold-worked, hot-sculpted and sandblasted glass.

Please visit my website to view an online catalog of my other glass art.


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Complete Composition - An American & Italian Glass Blower Collaboration

Photo on left is Dan McStocker finishing work using new techniques learned in workshop. Photo on the right: Instructors and students working together.A Historical Event

I recently attended a workshop hosted by Pilchuck Glass School called "Composzione Completo" (Complete Composition). This was a collaboration between American & Italian glass sculptors as well as Italian cold working masters.

This was the first time the Italians came to the United States for a collaboration with a female glass artist. It was such an honor to see Shelley collaborating with the Italians for the first time in the United States. The Ferro brothers and their cold working technique brought glass to a whole new level. It has proven to be one of my favorite workshops to date. 

The Workshop - Composizione Completo



This double class made full use of the hot shop and cold shop. I was given the opportunity to learn a wide range of techniques including complex murrine, graal, torchwork, inside sculpting and garage assembly methods. The cold shop techniques included incisco, battuto, cutting and polishing for further defining forms and refining texture and coloration.

Dan McStocker with Italian Maestro Davide Salvadore, glassblower and glass sculptor.


Working with Shelley and our Italian friends was an enormous inspiration for me. I have brought home with me many great experiences and new techniques that I look forward to incorporating into my glass art.

I am particularly proud of the praise and encouragement offered to me by Davide for my technique. This photo is of Davide and I holding two of the cow skulls I created using techniques learned during the workshop.


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Spring Trip to Alaska INSPIRING!


This spring I had the good fortune of taking a once in a lifetime trip to Alaska.  Best vacation ever.  The breath taking beauty of mountains, rivers and glaciers, the snowboarding and hiking, the awesome scenery, my friends, new acquaintances and new adventures will never be forgotten.   

Did you know that the part of Alaska where we were located has one of the largest populations of bald eagles in the world? Astounding natural beauty.

Vacations are the best source for glass sculpture ideas and new glass creations! Browse my store on the Liquid Glass Company website to see how my art is inspired by the natural world.


If you have any questions or want to hear more about this trip, please call me at 760-484-1008.

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You Are Invited

Explore Our New Website

We are excited to let you know that our new website is now live! Please take a few moments to explore the site and see what we have to offer you. Shop our online store and find an art glass work to give as a gift or keep for your own personal enjoyment.

  • Online Store: Our new and improved online store displays all our current hand-blown glass sculptures, solid glass sculptures, glass plates, vases and other art glass that is available for you to purchase.
  • Custom Art Glass: You may order custom works of art created by the Liquid Glass Company.
  • Photo Gallery: Here you may view past glass art work by the Liquid Glass Company. If you see something you like place a custom glass art order and we will be happy to create your own piece of glass art based upon our previous creation.
  • Video Gallery: View short videos showing how snippets of how our glass art is created.
  • News & Events: Here we will post news about our artist Dan McStocker and The Liquid Glass company. Expect to find . . .
    • Announcements of upcoming art glass exhibits.
    • Scheduled open house events demonstrating the art of glass blowing.
    • News about Dan.
    • News about the Liquid Glass Company.

If you have any questions please contact Dan at 760-484-1008.

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