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Complete Composition - An American & Italian Glass Blower Collaboration

Photo on left is Dan McStocker finishing work using new techniques learned in workshop. Photo on the right: Instructors and students working together.A Historical Event

I recently attended a workshop hosted by Pilchuck Glass School called "Composzione Completo" (Complete Composition). This was a collaboration between American & Italian glass sculptors as well as Italian cold working masters.

This was the first time the Italians came to the United States for a collaboration with a female glass artist. It was such an honor to see Shelley collaborating with the Italians for the first time in the United States. The Ferro brothers and their cold working technique brought glass to a whole new level. It has proven to be one of my favorite workshops to date. 

The Workshop - Composizione Completo



This double class made full use of the hot shop and cold shop. I was given the opportunity to learn a wide range of techniques including complex murrine, graal, torchwork, inside sculpting and garage assembly methods. The cold shop techniques included incisco, battuto, cutting and polishing for further defining forms and refining texture and coloration.

Dan McStocker with Italian Maestro Davide Salvadore, glassblower and glass sculptor.


Working with Shelley and our Italian friends was an enormous inspiration for me. I have brought home with me many great experiences and new techniques that I look forward to incorporating into my glass art.

I am particularly proud of the praise and encouragement offered to me by Davide for my technique. This photo is of Davide and I holding two of the cow skulls I created using techniques learned during the workshop.


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