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Hand Blown Glass Vases

Hand Blown Glass Vases

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Blue Hand Blown Glass Flared Vase

This full shaped vase has a large flared opening ready to accept any large bouquet of flowers.

$151.20 Excluding Tax: $140.00

Pink Spikes Vase

This pink colored vase accented with white will make a beautiful addition to your decor.

$129.60 Excluding Tax: $120.00

Black Lip Vase

Black and white hand blown glass vase with black lip.

$129.60 Excluding Tax: $120.00

Black and Blue

Hand blown art glass flower vase. Black with blue accents.

$205.20 Excluding Tax: $190.00

Taco Vase

Hand blown art glass taco vase.

$43.20 Excluding Tax: $40.00